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Shake Out available on Apple iPhone in the AppStore

Shake Out for iPhone


  • Simple Shake and Tap Controls
  • Multiple Game Modes (More modes available in the paid version!)
  • Uses Game Center to share and record your high scores.
  • Playable Tutorials to help you learn how to play.

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Game Description:

Shake Out is fun and addictive! The concept is simple - trap the bombs down by using your thumbs and then shake to destroy the bombs with the red balls. As you destroy bombs you can earn power ups, extra lives, and score multipliers.


  • Action
  • Arcade

Screen Shots:

Shake Out: Multiple Game Modes

Play up to four different game modes.

Shake Out: Power Ups

Game play is exciting and visually appealling.

Shake Out: Playable Tutorials

Hands on tutorials help you learn how to play the game.

Shake Out: Worldwide High Scores using Game Center

Track and compare your scores with friends world wide using Game Center.

How To Play:

The Basics

Trap the bombs by pressing and holding them down with your thumbs and then shake the phone to break them using the red balls. As you break bombs you can earn power-ups, extra lives, and score multipliers, but beware - if a bomb ticks down to zero and explodes you will lose a life.

Boost Mode

As you break bombs red balls will show a tap counter. Tap the red balls the number of times displayed to enter Boost Mode. Boost Mode powers the red ball up to break all the bombs on the screen. Be warned! The amount of time it takes to earn this power up increases with each use of the item.


You normally receive a set amount of points for each bomb broken, but if you break one bomb quickly after another your score multiplier will increase. The higher your multiplier, the higher your score. Break many bombs quickly to achieve the highest multipler possible!

Game Modes:

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode you must break bombs before their timer reaches zero or they will explode. When a bomb explodes you lose a life and when you run out of lives the game ends. Do not fear! Extra lives can be earned as your score increases, however, the number of points needed to achieve an extra life increases with each life earned.

Timed Mode

In a hurry? In Timed Mode you have 60 seconds to break as many bombs as possible. The game ends when the timer reaches zero. In Timed Mode the faster you break bombs the quicker they come, but exploding bombs don't count against you so no need to be efficient here - just fast.

Panic Mode

Panic Mode is for advanced players looking for a real challenge. The rate in which bombs enter the screen is increased while the number of bombs needed to reach Boost Mode is reduced. However, players will need to use Boost Mode wisely because in Panic Mode you only get one life. There are no opportunities to earn extra lives - once a bomb explodes the game is over.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode is for those players that enjoy playing the game but want a more casual approach. Work on your skills without the fear of game over or simply break bombs for the fun of it.

Shake Out: Playable Tutorials

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Shake Out: Worldwide High Scores using Game Center

Have Fun!


  • Hold your phone level with the ground to avoid getting bombs trapped in corners.
  • Boost Mode is best used to quickly increase your score multiplier. The longer you can maintain the highest score multiplier the higher the score you can achieve.
  • Holding down and breaking multiple bombs at once is a great way to quickly increase your score multiplier.